Uganda: home of a forgotten species

coffea liberica

Uganda is one of the most important coffee producing countries worldwide. It exports both Arabica and Robusta coffee, but it is also home to a number of lesser known coffee species that have long been forgotten by consumers and coffee traders. One species which has recently received increasing attention is Liberica coffee.

HyCoffee partners with a local cooperative to improve the production and processing of Liberica coffee and to export high-quality Liberica coffee to Europe.

Farmer-driven climate change adaptation

The coffee species Liberica (coffea liberica) is indigenous to Uganda. Due to its high productivity and resistance to drought as well as pests and diseases, Liberica is already grown by a number of coffee farmers in the country. However, the harvested cherries are sold at low prices and mixed with poor quality Robusta coffee. This is a missed opportunity: if harvested and processed properly, Liberica coffee, particularly one of its varieties “excelsa” has a formidable cupping profile.  

HyCoffee’s work in Uganda

To promote the commercial growth and marketing of Liberica coffee, we work with a network of coffee farmers’ cooperatives in Uganda.

Through existing cooperative-structures, HyCoffee collaborates with Liberica farmers to improve growing, harvesting, processing, storing and marketing of Liberica coffee with the aim to create high-quality coffee beans for export.To ensure farmers’ efforts pay off, HyCoffee has committed to import the coffee and facilitate market access in the European Union. This helps farmers not only to increase their incomes, but to diversify their coffee production thereby making it more resilient to climate shocks. At the same time, it brings a long-forgotten coffee species back into our daily cup of coffee.  

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