The future of coffee is now.

Coffee is threatened by climate change. HyCoffee pioneers the production and import of climate-resilient coffee.

Photo of a coffee nursery; numerous seedlings, i.e. young coffee plants

Join us in re-thinking the coffee industry towards a more diverse, fair and climate-resilient future of coffee. You can buy our Pilot Coffee here.

An oil painting of a hand picking coffee in vivide colours

Climate change has devastating impacts on coffee production.

Coffee farmers are already struggling with rising temperatures, extreme weather events, shifting seasons, increased occurrence of pests and diseases and fluctuating commodity prices.

These hazards will worsen due to climate change. By 2050, the global area suitable for coffee production is expected to reduce by half.

Coffee quality and availability will deteriorate. This puts the livelihoods of millions of coffee farmers at risk.

There are 130 known coffee species, many of which are not commercially used. Yet.

To prepare for climate change we must tap into the genetic riches of wild coffee. By choosing wild and hybrid coffees, you can play a key part in creating a fairer, more diverse and resilient coffee sector.

Discover promising coffee species and varieties:

A coffea stenophylla plant
coffea stenophylla
photograph taken Von Ji-Elle licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Hand and brown coffee beans on coffee plant
unidentified c.arabica variety
photograph taken by the HyCoffee team in Tanzania
coffea liberica
photograph taken in Uganda by the HyCoffee team
coffea canephora plant
coffea canephora (robusta)
photograph taken by the HyCoffee team in Uganda
A photo of a flowering Timor-Hybrid coffee plant
hibrido de timor (c. arabica x c. canephora) photograph taken in Timor-Leste by HyCoffee partners Karst Organics
Hand grabbing coffea arabica
coffea arabica
photograph taken by the HyCoffee team in Tanzania
coffea racemosa beans
coffea racemosa
photograph taken by Ton Rulkens in Mozambique licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
unidentified coffee tree
unidentified coffee tree
photograph taken by the HyCoffee team in Tanzania

Our projects promote growing, processing and roasting of wild and hybrid coffees:

HyCoffee partners with scientists, farmers, importers and roasters to make climate-resilient coffee a reality. Our projects are backed by scientific evidence and always put the farmers first, drawing on their unique knowledge of the land and coffee plant.